Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Disney should acquire MGM - my company explained

Should Walt Disney Pictures buys MGM and James Bond? Think again. On June 2nd, the Variety page published about the Sony Pictures Motion Picture chairman, Tom Rothman, announced that Sony could loose distribution rights to the Bond films. Warner Bros wants to buy the franchise but dwho1995 Entertainment said ''''NO''''. Instead, it has launched 'The Disney MGM Campaign' on Youtube back in August. It is due to it's request on my company wants Disney to buy MGM in December 2015? We have got two reasons: * Disney and Metro Goldwyn Mayer teamed up in the 1980s to form 'Disney/MGM Studios' theme park for Disney World until 2008. * They made the 2005 film ''The Brothers Grimm'' under the former Disney label of Dimension Films. So if you want to keep in touch and how to mention us with Disney, contact us through my Youtube campaign channel.